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June 08, 2009



Hope you fought it. Those things are total BS.

Emily Selden

"Fascist Cameras" you said it! Those cameras are ridiculous and causing more accidents, too. I think they should be banned- a public menace!

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    The first annual PyrateCon. Incredibly wonderful time and everyone there was great. Here is a smattering of Pyrate friends from around the country. If ye recognize yerself, let me know and I will title the pic appropriately.


  • Hat_and_lamp
    A wonderful day in Corona, California at the German Village of Koronenburg. This is a nice smaller Renaissance Festival put on by the Crossroads Group. They also produce classes though their L.O.R.E. program. Loyal Order of Recreation Enthusiasts. If you recognize anyone here, please let me know so I can label the picture correctly.